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*My Place* Thanks again to Jen76 for the great Scofield/Jinx picture. Stolen from Ima cause it's beautifulStolen from Ima cause it's beautiful Because it's funny!Because it's funny!

Love it or Hate it?

Posted By Jinx on Jul 17, 2009 at 6:56AM

Bianca Nygard Bag



Two Degrees To KISS

Posted By Jinx on Jul 13, 2009 at 5:55PM

I made it to the stage Friday night at KISS.

Thanks to this beautiful man, who let me in front of him.

Me, with camera -----> Security -----> Tommy Thayer!

Me, with camera -----> Security -----> Paul Stanley!

Me, with camera -----> Security -----> Gene Simmons!

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Do The Mash

Posted By Jinx on Jun 1, 2009 at 6:41AM

I don't like "sampling" in songs, and didn't know what to think of Mash Ups.
Although not an avid Greenday or Oasis fan, I just kinda loved the way this was put together.

I stole the best version I could find on You Tube.

Do you like it?

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Danny Won! WooHoo!

Posted By Jinx on May 15, 2009 at 5:41AM

DANNY WON! :woohoo:

Danny Veltri, Winner of Hell's KitchenDanny Veltri, Winner of Hell's Kitchen

I am so freakin happy! :D I have wanted Danny to take this thing since the beginning and he never let me down.
He rarely got yelled at or had to take criticism, in fact he often recieved compliments from Chef Ramsey.

Although I hoped he would win, I was a little concerned he would be looked over due to his age, 23 years old, and also because the other finalist Paula, was no slouch either!
But after seeing his performance last night, I knew he should win, any doubt went away, and I knew I would be pissed if Danny didn't come out on top.
But when they were instructed to turn the handles and see what door opened, it was Danny that emerged through his to the cheering crowd. And boy was he happy! I'm not sure I have seen any of the other winning chefs jump and yell like he did!
It was awesome!

Chef said he was the chosen one, because he never saw a Chef mature as quickly and the way Danny did throughout the competition. Sounds like Chef has a new protege. ;)

Congratulations Danny! Have fun at the Borgata! You deserve it!


Posted By Jinx on Apr 22, 2009 at 1:01PM

I have been planning on blogging about something, and Earth Day seemed like a good time.

Scott Wilson and Justin LukachScott Wilson and Justin Lukach

I want to promote a show I enjoy called “Departures”. In its simplest form, you get to share the adventures of two guys travelling around the world together.
But it is so much more than that!


The more I watch it, the more I love this show.
A lot of credit for that goes to Justin Lukach and Scott Wilson, two adorable travelers, who compliment and balance each other.

They let you along for a great ride, they are honest and raw when sharing how they feel about their experiences.
Episodes take you on an emotional journey. You can feel happy, amazed, saddened, anxious and scared all within one hour.
They try to meet with contacts, which often takes them not just to the tourist areas, but off the beaten path as well.
Similar shows seem aseptic in comparison to Departures.

As Director of Photography, Andre Dupuis deserves a medal for the images he captures. The photography is amazing! It is vivid, lush, and can be unforgiving. The wide, open scenery shots let you soak it all in, it is a wonderful way to see the world.
Viewers are given a treat every so often when Andre peeks around the other side of the camera too.

I highly recommend Departures. The following is the opening for the show:

The first episodes are available on dvd and you can check out more photos on Facebook:


Check it out and Enjoy!

Public, Because everyone should know about this show! :D

What in the world are you doing for Earth Day?

Posted By Jinx on Apr 22, 2009 at 6:01AM

I wanted to attend a "trash bash" but I have to work.

If you go to the theatre to see Disney's "Earth", they will plant a tree for every ticket sold.
A good reason to go to the movies!

What are you doing?

Offer any suggestions!

Happy Earth Day!!!

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Makin' It Right With Mike Holmes and Brad Pitt

Posted By Jinx on Apr 7, 2009 at 1:14PM

Tonight, the first of a two part special airs with Mike Holmes of "Holmes on Homes" in New Orleans.

Holmes, known for his trademark overalls and his commitment to "make it right" took him to New Orleans to connect with Brad Pitt, who founded Make It Right, to build new homes in New Orleans.

Holmes and his crew spent three months enduring rain storms and extreme heat to build a home for a family who lived in the lower 9th ward and lost theirs in Hurricane Katrina.

Brad Pitt makes a guest appearance with Holmes, and tours the finished home with him.

It airs on Global tonight at 9:00 pm and finishes tomorrow at 9 pm.

It airs on HGTV Beginning April 9th at 8:00 pm.

You can also watch after it airs on www.globaltv.com

Brad Pitt and Mike Holmes on the same screen! :D


I learned a couple things while watching. Since Make It Right is Mike Holmes slogan, when he heard about Pitt's Make It Right Foundation to build homes, Mike Holmes volunteered to build the first one for free. :D
He developed a proto type for a house that could withstand the New Orleans weather, and possibility of flooding.
Brad got quite a bit of air time, and it was fun and entertaining to watch.
The house should be finished on tonight's eppy.

Teenage Head's Venom Dead

Posted By Jinx on Oct 16, 2008 at 10:30AM

Canadian punk music has lost one of its icons Wednesday, when Teenage Head lead singer Frank "Venom" Kerr succumbed to cancer. Frankie lost his battle to throat cancer after spending Thanksgiving weekend with his family.

The Scottish born Kerr, 51, was the lead singer of the Hamilton, Ontario based band which formed at Westdale High School back in 1975.

Teenage Head released its first independent single in 1978 and released its legendary self-titled debut the following year. The group is perhaps best known for the song "Let's Shake" which appeared on its "Frantic City" release.

The band made national headlines for a June, 1980 concert at Toronto's Ontario Place Forum when thousands of fans were denied access to the gig. It resulted in what's known as the Riot at Ontario Place, (and they say Canadains don't get upset about anything!) which led to the cancellation of all rock shows at the lakeside venue. There were several arrests and injuries, but the attention made "Frantic City" reach gold status.

The band, which have often been seen as Canada's equivalent to the Ramones, returned earlier in 2008 with "Teenage Head With Marky Ramone," a special album released through Hamilton label Sonic Unyon and featuring the band's biggest hits performed with the former Ramones drummer. The album was widely praised by critics and fans alike.

The death coincides with an announcement Wednesday that Teenage Head would receive a special lifetime achievement award during the 2008 Hamilton Music Awards taking place Nov. 13-16.

R.I.P. FrankieR.I.P. Frankie
(Source: The Niagra Falls Review)

Boom Dee Ah Dah!

Posted By Jinx on Oct 15, 2008 at 5:16AM

I think our planet is an amazing place!

I love this Discovery channel commercial, starring our favourites. :)
Boom Dee Ah Dah!

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I want a Smorshe!

Posted By Jinx on Oct 7, 2008 at 8:19AM

Have you all seen the SmartCar? They are getting more common here. Probably a great little car for buzzing around the city.


Now you can get kits to make them into the car you really want. And I want a Smorsche!


Maybe this one?

Smorsche TargaSmorsche Targa

Why is James Woods driving the Targa?! :rotfl:


Smaudi awdSmaudi awd



Damn these cars are CUTE! :D


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